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Build a Designer Nursery on a Budget

If all parents had their way, every baby would have a gold-lined crib and designer sheets. But what few parents know is that you can have a million-dollar nursery on a low- to mid-range budget—it’s all a matter of choosing the right key pieces and adding a few extras. Here are some ways you can design your dream nursery without breaking the bank.

Invest in a crib: The crib is always the centerpiece of a nursery, so splurge on it. It’s also where your child will spend the most of his time, at least in the first few years. Wrought iron cribs are popular among the rich and famous, but high-quality wooden cribs go for about half as much and give the nursery a warmer, more welcoming look. Good linens and beddings are perfect for sprucing up the frame.

Pick a theme: Wallpaper used to be most parents’ first choice some years ago, but these days paint is coming back in fashion. Pink and blue are standard and will always work as long as you keep things consistent. However, more modern designers tend to go for neutral colors such as cream, beige, or even gray. This is perfect for when parents don’t know the baby’s sex yet. To keep it from getting bland, add touches of a more eye-catching color and use it as the color scheme.

Add complementary furniture: Nursery sets save you the trouble of mixing and matching everything. But full sets are expensive, and most parents opt to get their pieces separately in search of good deals. If this is your case, try to get pieces that at least have something in common, whether it’s the color, style, or upholstery. This will help tie the whole theme together—it’s the key to those “designer” looks you see in magazines. A comfortable feeding chair next to the can be pretty, not to mention convenient.

Throw in a personal touch. Designer rooms don’t count for much if they don’t have personality, and that’s where your own vision comes in. It doesn’t have to cost you that much more—you can simply add baby photos, souvenirs, or simple decorative touches. Artwork is also a good idea—you can simply get prints of your favorite pieces or cut out pages from books or magazines. Again, as long as it goes with the rest of your theme, there’s sure to be room for it!


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